National Coal – keeping you cosy and warm!

We have been supplying and delivering top quality coal and seasoned firewood nationwide for the past 15 years.

During this time methods for cutting, splitting, storing and drying our products have constantly been improved. We have always taken pride in the fact that we only source firewood from well-managed woodland as close as is humanly possible to our depot – in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and supply local fuel to local people.

Every year we try to improve our methods and service, investing in more modern machinery and storage facilities – some of which can be seen in the photos on this website. We are always happy to speak to you and to give helpful advice. Our knowledgeable staff should be able to answer any queries you may have, please do not hesitate, just give us a call.

Our logs are all harvested from well managed woodland once the trees have been felled the timbers are stacked in long lengths in the woods and left for 12 months. This allows the timber to die and the enzymes within the timber to break down the sap into more combustible material. After this time the timber is taken from the woods to our wood yard where it is cut, split and stacked to allow the firewood to dry further for another 6 months. By which time it is ready to be sold.

We buy the majority of our timber standing and fell it as we need it. It will then be stacked and laid in the forest seasoning for up to a year before we bring it back to our yard for processing into split logs. At any given time we will have anything up to 2500 tonnes of timber in stock at various sites in and around the region which we can call on at any time. This enables us ensure that we can supply you with the very best quality firewood throughout the year.


Evan Jenkins, Managing Director of National Coal.

Lincolnshire Firewood was founded in 1995 by Evan Jenkins who originally started supplying firewood in small pickup truck loads, in and around the village of Wyberton near Boston in Lincolnshire.

During this time he was also employed in countryside management, working on local estates in the immediate area. As the firewood business, and also the demand for firewood grew, the business was moved to new premises at its current location in Rowdyke Lane, Wyberton.

As the years have gone on the business has been constantly expanded until in 2001, Lincolnshire Coal Company, or Jenkins Coal Supplies, was formed to enable the business to supply all fuels required by our customers – and also to supply pre-packed fuel to retailers.

The Jenkins family are no strangers to the solid fuel industry. Whilst his great-grandfather (Jenkins) was mining coal in Wales at the turn of the century, his great-grandfather (Wooster) was supplying coal and firewood in Wealdstone, Harrow and the surrounding areas of Middlesex – trading as A. Wooster and Sons, Coal and Coke Merchants. This business continued trading until late 1995 spanning four generations of the family.

Sidney, grandfather of Evan Jenkins, aged 20

The fact of the matter is, that the Woosters are one of the oldest trading families in Wealdstone (North West London). Arthur Wooster was the founder member. One of 12 children, brought up in the final quarter of the 19th century in a modest Harrow Weald cottage.

As a lad he started work on the Metropolitan railway but by his mid-20s he was self-employed and the owner of a horse and cart. He was first established as a Harrow coal merchant and then diversified to become a landowner, farmer, dairyman and removal contractor.

Arthur married into an old Harrow family, the Garraways, and fathered his own large brood of six sons and three daughters. The business became known as Arthur Wooster and Sons.