Minimum Order Policy

At National Coal we strive to provide a dependable service to our customers, as outlined on our Delivery page.

We are very conscious about the environment and aim to be as efficient as possible in our activities, which includes carefully planning our deliveries to ensure that our vehicles are run efficiently; achieving a better delivery service overall. To achieve this we have introduced a minimum order policy for orders accepted through this website. Your order must comply with ONE of these conditions:

A minimum 250kg of logs (i.e. 10 bags), OR
A minimum 250kg of coal (i.e. 10 bags), OR
A minimum 125kg of salt (i.e. 5 bags), OR
A minimum 500kg of pellets OR
A minimum 1 gas bottle .

If your order does not meet one of these conditions, please contact us or visit our sister websites National Firewood or Lincolnshire Firewood.